Keep on going

Job Search in July?  Don’t give up! Keep on going!

Finding a new job at the middle of summer (holiday time) can be daunting, but it can be done.

I’ve got a couple of clients looking right now- they are really on the go!

Keep Looking! Don’t give up - and remember to ask.

Just because some companies slow down at this time of year, don’t give up your search.  Keep on, and you might even get an interview in the next two weeks before the holidays really start.  In Switzerland I have seen quite a number of new postings recently, so be on the alert, as the first ones who apply often receive more attention than those in the “middle flood”. 

Also, remember it never hurts to ask. Once at a job fair the person I was expecting to ask me for an interview didn’t- so, I went up to him and asked why- guess what, I got the job!

When you do get that interview, what can you do to stand out in a positive way? Here are some ideas:

·     Do your research, about the company of course, but if you know who will be interviewing you, also research that person, or those people.  Read and refer to their blog, if they have one.

·     Be concrete in your examples, either in the past (stories are really good when you can link previous success to the company’s future success if they hire you) – but also for the future.  Imagine how you can help with the company’s strategy (it should be in their annual report), for example.  Find a problem you imagine the business faces and solve it (with your help, of course).

·     Be prepared for the long processof interviewing, These days, it could take a while, unless you are an insider.  Show your confidence and warm personality, your manners, humbleness and EQ.  Make sure you are talking in what I call verbal paragraphing.  Chunk your sentences together and make yourself sound eloquent.

·     Posture and presentation are key:  smile, shoulders back, well-groomed people get the job.  Period.

Of course there are books that have been written about all the steps in the job search from CVs to follow-up emails, so I don’t have to say more at the moment.  Mostly, remember to do your best and do not give up.  Keep going and don’t stop till the contract is signed.

I wish you all the best for this month, and for the summer holidays.

Patricia Jehle