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I choose to work in English (and in German, upon request) in individual, group, team and corporate settings.  


Coaching and Services for SMEs, Leadership, and Start-ups, for Expats and Locals

New entrepreneurs often need business coaching specific to their situation.  Start-up coaching provides the support  a new business needs to follow the business plan. Incisive questions will help the client to become free from hindering assumptions and move forward with motivation and positive action.  Finally, family-owned businesses are of great interest to me as a coach because their complexity is an extra challenge that I enjoy working with. See "Coaching and Consulting" for more information.


Transitions, Career Coaching, and Change Management

Career and change on the job are stressful and cause uncertainty and anxiety.  I Help my clients through the big change.


 Inter-cultural and international transitions, for Swiss on their way out and also for Expats on their "way  in".

 A smooth transition to the new job and the new culture is key for productivity.  I specialise in transitions, specifically in cross-cultural transitions. I understand the issues personally as an experienced expat and a trained coach and diversity expert. My clients are often expatriate executives, entrepreneurs, spouses or those working across cultures. 


Expat Coaching

Expatriate coaching provides specific support for all involved in the assignment, including the employee as well as the accompanying partner. For the employee, expatriate coaching can provide the chance to develop their global leadership capabilities as well as support and guide their career development to leverage their expatriate experience for future assignments and responsibilities.

Coming with your partner who has the new position  is always a challenge. For the accompanying spouse, expatriate coaching can provide career guidance as well as support in establishing a new routine in the host country by identifying goals and objectives during the time abroad as well as a road map of how to get there.  

From the above list, one can see that Expat Coaching can be mixed with the above issues and topics.


Burnout and other Health/Life Balance Concerns

Many clients come on the verge of burnout but facing other questions, as well.  In parallel work with other offerings, such as intercultural coaching for expats and also startups , the client can learn to deal with stressful situations in a way to reduce stress, become resilient, and recover from burnout. From personal experience with serious illness (10+ years as a cancer survivor), I can help clients walk the path of decision-making and change so that recovery is more positive.


Coaching for Educators and for School Leadership

As a long-time educator, coaching new teachers, teachers new to a school, and coaching their supervisors is a natural addition to the Jehle-Coaching offers.  As a long-time leader in work and volunteer roles, I can help the leader with the issues that are specific to his or her role.  With questioning, reflection and learning ne


Coaching in  Non-Profit (NGO), Church, Para-Church Environments

Non- profit environments provide a unique challenge to leaders and managers.  Not only do they depend largely on a voluntary workforce, but they are also working with an intangible product that is more difficult to "sell" and to measure whether it is effective or not.  Moreover, most of them are supported through fund-raising rather than the sale of goods and services.  These challenges are clear to me, as I have worked professionally in this area.


OQM Consulting, a survey tool for change

With OQM®, Organic Quality Management, now you can for the first time reliably measure the values and qualities of your organisation and then further develop your workers and organisation. I, as a certified OQM consultant can help you with the original analysis and the change to bring your company, NGO, or organisation into alignment with your goals.



Besides OQM Consulting, I help with other kinds of consulting, change management, consulting specifically for start-ups, help with business social media, and job search and promotion (talent management), including editing services with CVs, etc.


Training and Public Speaking Services

As an educator, training is one of my passions.  Thus, I design, build and deliver unique training to give my corporate clients and their employees the opportunity to fulfill their corporate, team and personal work goals, focusing on leadership potential and intercultural issues

Intercultural Communication, Curltural Transitions, and Diversity
As globalisation takes over the word, more and more people need to be sensitised to other cultures, and all the categories of diversity training.  As a certified DEW (Diverse Europe at Work) trainer, I am ready to help corporate and individual clients learn how to walk in someone else's shoes.  See also the Expat Coaching section below.

Leadership Training to Work with Employees
Considering the employees' backgrounds, passions, abilities and needs, cohesive movement is created towards the goals of the whole team. Part of the training will be using Transactional Analysis to help leaders and their teams to work together in a more effective way.

Leadership Styles
Looking at various leadership styles and what is needed at various stages of team and project development, as well as using feedback to help with team productivity is another training offering.

Resilience, Bouncing Back and avoiding burnout
One of the best ways of avoiding burnout is to develop one's resilience so that when stressful situations arise, the client is ready with a pallet of activities that will help them to continue to be productive and healthy in all areas of their lives.

Crisis and Health
As a 10+ year cancer survivor, and the spouse of another one, I coach those dealing with health and other crises.

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