Olivier Pirlot, Canton Zürich
I contacted Patricia for coaching as she has experience with helping people to start new businesses and I was  starting building up my own company.  She could adapt to my needs and offer me personalized help in several areas such as prioritization between my ideas, financing and crowdfunding, and networking. Patricia is also very well connected in case you need any other support to create and make your company grow. Thank you very much, Patricia! 

DK, Canton Zürich
Every time I met with Patty I walked away with a clear picture of how I was going to achieve my next goal. I was very new to the entrepreneurial environment and Patty helped shift my perspective from being overwhelmed to feeling empowered. Through practical tools and her encouragement I was able to accomplish much more than I thought possible and take my organization and my career to a new level. I can highly recommend working with Patty. She will be a coach that will keep you on track and will have a positive impact on your life and career.

MK, Canton Zürich
Patty is not focused on one sphere of work or job type, and as someone whose career straddles the creative, business and educational worlds, this was important to me. Her coaching style is warm and intuitive yet logical, research-based and structured. She has a keen understanding of various culture-clash issues, both between career fields and cultures of origin; this is a must-have skill for coaches today. She was a major support during my transition from one job to the next, and her encouragement and objective feedback gave me the courage to make a career step I may not have ventured on my own. The benefits of working with her did not stop once our coaching sessions ended. I now have a model of thinking and problem-solving that I can use indefinitely: When perplexing issues arise, I have a clear idea of where I can look, what I can do, and what I can expect the problem-solving process to look like.

MG, Canton Zürich

Patty gets my highest recommendation as a coach and mentor. Patty was a great supporter during my time when I was in transition. Her unique ability to listen, recognize, understand, and explain things has encouraged me to think about things in a big picture way. She has a remarkable inner strength and wisdom and ability to discern which is also balanced with pragmatism. During the time we worked together, Patty was instrumental in providing me with a sounding board for decision making about the paths I could take for the future. Her experience provided me the benefit of being able to think through important decisions and I found it very useful to be able to talk openly to someone I could trust. During this time Patty was also flexible in providing interviewing practice and some helpful tools. I would recommend Patty for her 1) ability to probe for what is really important, 2) her ability to listen carefully and 3) providing ideas and suggestions for actions which were useful.

BC, Canton Zürich
I didn't know much about business before I started the coaching process with Patty Jehle.  I had many ideas about what I wanted to do but didn't know how to get there.  With her professional and friendly way of coaching Patty Jehle helped me focus on my goal and supported me so I can now run my own business.