Core Values

B.I.G. - see below!

(Boundaries and role clarity, Integrity and Generosity)

Boundaries and Role Clarity

You will find I work well with clear boundaries and help my clients to do the same! Role clarification in the client relationship and with the clients’ roles are also very important for me.


This is the cornerstone of my values, and everything moves from this. If you want to work with a person of integrity, call on me.


For me this means thinking that every person is doing the best the can with what they have, and I believe this wholeheartedly.


Teamwork and partnership are the cornerstones of what I do. My first partnership is with you, my client(s).  I enjoy creating communities of empowered individuals who can unleash their talent and enjoy themselves in the process. All adults looking for work-oriented coaching are welcome.

Diversity and the Individual

Diversity is a value for me. Because I am trained and also sensitive to the individual needs of my clients, I can coach in a variety of venues with diverse people.  My belief in the value and ability  to learn and grow of every human being is a foundation for my coaching practice.

I won’t sell you what you don’t need

Integrity is another core value of mine. I believe that people are more likely to keep working with you in the future if you have a relationship built on trust and honesty. I tell my potential clients up front if I can’t do what they want or if I am not the best person for the job. I will also try to stop clients from spending money on our services that are unlikely to benefit them.  Also, my fees are well within the local norms.

I am curious

I enjoy asking lots of questions. I am curious about my clients and what they need. I like to understand my clients’ situations and ask provocative questions that make my clients think more deeply about what they really want. By doing this, I increase the chances that I will be able to provide effective, targeted help.

I love developing our clients

I believe that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know and have, but I can clients by teaching and coaching them to develop into the best they can be. I love helping clients reach their full potential. My aim is to enable people to solve their own problems effectively. I love to help our clients to transform in order to move onward and upward in life.

I like to stretch myself, I am a lifelong learner

I enjoy using my skills and what I know in creative and innovative ways. I like to provide flexibility in the services I deliver and I am happy to adapt what I do to the specific needs of my clients. This often involves quick thinking and quick learning. That’s why my clients often ask me to work on issues that are a bit outside my normal area; they know I am flexible and creative.  Because I love to keep up to date and learn new skills and knowledge, I attend training, workshops, speaking events each year.  I am taking a training that will allow me to be at a Supervision level and will have an organisational development aspect to it, of course it's certified!

I'm not just in it for the money

I strive to create tangible value for both the client and myself. I welcome the opportunity to discuss ways in which I can create mutual benefit for the client and our business.  Money is necessary, but not everything, and I find interaction with clients and their satisfaction to be of great importance.