Hols, vacation, or Ferien- whatever you call it, take it!

In Switzerland the word for this season is “Ferien” and it lasts at least until mid-August

Ferien means vacation, or for my British friends, holidays.  It means no school for five weeks (in the Ticino it’s two months, though). It means family holidays somewhere else, near or far; days of endless swimming at beaches; camping; backpacking; biking; and whatever else your heart desires that the pocketbook can afford.  I am almost there, leaving for some hols soon; how about you? 

Take a vacation!

In the US most people only have two weeks of holidays.  That’s really not enough.  In Switzerland the law is a minimum of 4 weeks and most people have at least six. I do like this vacation practice about where I live, I like it a whole lot!  

Most researchers would tell you that two weeks of vacation is too little, but at least it’s something, as long as you take it.  It is really important to have a change of pace, a chance of rest.  Have the words “break, rest, free-time, hobby, holiday, and vacation”taken on a fuzzy foreign-word feeling for you?  This is not good.

Do you feel like you can’t take a vacation this summer because nobody else can do your job, or at least do it the way you can?  You need to know that this is really quite a problem, for you and for your company.

So, are you always thinking about work, even when you are on vacation, lying on a beach sipping a cool drink?  Hmmm… Need I ask more?  Youreally DO need a break:

Help for the business from your vacation

Being away from work can truly help you.  You are able to rest; you can regenerate; you become more creative, once again.  

Also, some of our best business/work ideas come while day-dreaming, and that may come from a good long vacation for you.  Nice, huh? 

But if you don’t take a holiday, you may become like Jack, the proverbial dull boy


Your body, mind and soul need rest and regeneration for a better level of performance at work.  Your soul needs it for your personal well-being. You are not a machine and you need “you time” or you may not be as productive in the long run.

Creative Regeneration

The best way to become more creative at work is to schedule free thinking time.  A vacation can do this, too, but maybe both is the bet way, since hopefully, your thinking on holiday is less directed, and more like day dreaming.

But… I can’t stop thinking about work!!!

Maybe you worry and obsess about work even when you are on holiday.  Remember, you can set your own limits.  For example- check your work emails every second or third day? Or only once a week? And turn off your phone as much as possible.  Just do it. Try and distract yourself from thinking about work.  Also, remember to do something different from what you usually do, or do something that requires a different kind of mental concentration.  Maybe start a new sport or hobby.  I have recently taken up rock balancing and find it very fun, challenging, and helpful for my body, mind and soul.  Whatever it is, make it challenging enough that you can’t think about work.

Be sure your team takes a vacation, too

Model it:if you are the boss, MODEL what a good vacation looks like!

You team needs to see that you can take a break so they feel good about it.  Remember, they need to be recharged and creative at work, too! 

Prepare for your vacation

Preparation is key, though. Be prepared so you can leave but also so you can look forward to it.  One of the best things to do to make you happier is to plan a vacation.  But make sure your job/business will not suffer while you are away.

So, get ready and then take that vacation.  Just do it! 

Happy summer,

Patricia Jehle


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