Make that decision, just go ahead

Just Decide

One of the hardest things for some people close to me is making that decision.  It can be very wearing on a person and can even bring you down when you feel overloaded with decisions at work and at home.  But making decisions can help you out, especially when It is foggy outside like it is here in Switzerland at the moment.

Decision-making can make you happy.  It really can!

Time set aside for decisions

One of the biggest stresses in our lives is to not decide on something, to put it off.  So, set aside dedicated time to decide, think and then just decide.  Make that time, and you will be relieved, and satisfied.

Emotions set aside

Put that emotional side of yourself, including your ego, on the back burner when you decide so that your frontal lobe is working at its best.

“Imagine your business isn’t generating enough revenue to hit your target. What is the specific cause of this?

                          Do you have a positioning issue?

                          Is your pricing right?

                          Do your potential customers know your brand?

                          What can help you solve these problems?

You will make better decisions by focusing on the facts instead of personal deficiencies. If you need help with anything in your business, from marketing through to customer service, you have options.”

Get help

When you don’t have that expertise needed to make the decision, find someone who does and ask them. Also, a neutral party will keep your decision objective.

Check information and data

Remember that one person’s opinion is just that.  It is not statistically sound to base a decision on a few people’s opinions. Make sure you have the right data, and it is really data.

What if?

Make sure you know what happens if:  What happens if I do do thisand what if I don’t doit?  Also, what won’t happenif I do do this and what won’t happenif I don’t do this?  What are all the underlying risks?  Make sure you know what the worst case scenarios would be.

So, when you are finding yourself stressed, first think:  do I have several decisions in front of me?  If yes, set aside time, set aside emotions, get help if you need to, make sure your information is complete and correct, and walk through your worst-case scenarios.  Finally, just make those decisions.  Remember the adage: no decision is also a decision.

Then you will feel better about yourself, relieved from the pressure of those decisions weighing on your shoulders, and ready for a good hike up in the mountains, high above all this fog.

Tell me how your decision-making is going! I am available for coaching and supervision with this, and other topics ;-)

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Patricia Jehle