A way of reducing stress: Introvision

Stress and anxiety?

Is your Amygdala working overtime and causing too much stress?

·     Do you have blocks sometimes where you just can’t move forward?

·     Do you over-dramatize possible scenarios and create horror outcomes for your problems?

·     Do you respond too often with fight, flight or freeze?

·     When you flee, is your alarm still there, even when the situation is “gone”?

·     Are you having problems with sleeping, either with falling asleep, or waking up in the middle of the night with over-dramatic thoughts that just don’t leave you alone?

·     Is your inner voice, in the end, part of the stress-creation?

Then you might just find “Introvision” for you!  Here’s a brief explanation of the way it works:

In some ways, Introvision is helpful for stress and anxiety like is used for EMDR therapy (you can google them), and like EMDR, it has almost immediate and dramatic effects.  Both are about being in aninner state of broad awareness and a kind of intervention via non-intervention: just watch and perceive.  Introvision is not as dramatic as EMDR but can include various reactions in body, mind and emotions.  Even though there are reactions, the client’s state of unbiased awareness keeps them in an attitude of quietso that the reactions are looked at and not valued.  It is possible with Introvision to resolve the previously mentioned problems as well as inner conflicts and somatic health issues in a very few sessions followed up by short daily homework.

This kind of awareness works on two levels:  because the client remains in a state of broad awareness, their thoughts and emotions do not carry them away; instead there is attention given to the thoughts and feelings as they come, and then go.  The client simply perceives and registers the reactions, and then waits for the next perception to appear.  There is no analysis, there is only perception, being in touch with the reactions and the goal is not to suppress or change anything.  No judging, no evaluation at all.  This is what helps for the change because awareness and acceptance is the way forward to change.

Also, some somatic illnesses can be helped with Introvision, so you might be able to be helped with other issues in a short time.  If any of this blog speaks to you, consider sending me an email and we can discuss your next steps to freedom from your overly-active amygdala.

Have a calm-er week!

Patricia Jehle   patricia@jehle-coaching.com