Looking Ahead - a way to deal with the dark

How do you deal with darkness?

This morning after the “Fall Back” time change yesterday, I have to admit that I had the kind of confusion I usually don’t experience unless I am jet-lagged.  It gets dark really early again, now.  As the sun has not shone today and it’s 3pm, it feels like it’s already time to start cooking dinner.  In a few weeks, it will also be dark when we go to work.

Even if it is dark from the time you leave for work until after you leave for home in the afternoon, there is hope: December 21stis coming. With the 21st, everything changes again and we start having longer days.  Normally I don’t have a real problem with dark, but today it hit me, even though I have walked the dog twice. 

How about you?  What do you do to get over those dark days?

One of the things I do is look forward, and there is a lot to look forward to at the moment for me:

·     My first ebookwill be online soon, and possibly published (for those who like paper)

·     My next session of supervision training is coming up

·     Thanksgiving is this month

·      I think we’re going to Thailand, again

·     Of course, it’s holiday time very soon


“Starting a Business in Switzerland (a “how-too book”) is now in BETA form and my preface is already online https://www.jehle-coaching.com/new-products-1/free-introduction-to-starting-a-business-in-switzerland-bookFor those who might want to get the book stay tuned to my products page!


I am finishing up my homework and re-studying my notes while taking a CBT on-line course and reading Brené Brown’s newest book, Dare to Lead– I love learning and growing!

Thankful heart! Thanksgiving!

I love the month where we think of all the things we are grateful for.  I try to begon and end my day with moments of gratefulness.


This Christmas (one of those twelve days, not the first day, but soon after) will be the first spent going/heading towards Thailand again.  I look forward to the flight staff party-ing, like it happened the last time I flew.  I find the flight attendants generally very pleasant on such holiday flights.  

New Year

My kids have promised a special night in Thailand as a “big” anniversary gift for my husband and I – and New Years in Thailand is always special.  I am looking forward to the whole experience.  In Thailand one lets off fireworks and those cool lanterns for New Years Eve.  


Thailand, here we come (again)!

As we head into November, we are planning a long-ish trip to Thailand again to visit friends and old haunts. It’s time to renew some important relationships!


So, as the sun sets, what do you have to look forward to?  What are you grateful for?

Enjoy your week!

Patricia Jehle