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Jehle Coaching
is individual,
and success oriented.

I provide you with structure and reflection in a working relationship.



About Myself
As a certified business coach and OQM® consultant, added to my experience of teaching business communications for 20+ years, I expertly coach you and help lead you and your company to reach success.  My specialties are career issues, strategic development, leadership, knowledge management, family businesses, group and team coaching, along with executive and business coaching of all kinds - ALSO OQM® helps me to help you grow your company (teams, divisions, and the whole organisation) via a survey and change process. Training, especially in communication, but also in life and time management  are also some more of my skills.  Upcoming:  I am planning on a supervision certification in the near future. 

Why should you choose Jehle Coaching?
I fit solutions to your exact needs, no more and no less.  Every person, team or company needs the personalised attention and on-going support I give to move forward.  That's exactly what I do:  fit the coaching and consulting to your requirements. I am passionate about helping you and your company reach your goals and dreams.

What is Business Coaching?  
Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.  Being outside of the client's "system" helps the coach to be a neutral party and better facilitates new solutions.