How Far have you Come, I bet it's worth Celebrating!

What do you (really) want? Take time to asses- I’ve come a long way, baby! I bet you have, too!

I have come a long way from a decade ago.  I bet you have, too!  We have come a long way, baby! Isn’t that wonderful?

Fourteen years ago my father-in-law was quite ill with liver cancer and we often visited him in Baden.  He passed on in December of 2005.  A while ago I walked past his house, now owned by someone else and being beautifully renovated at this very moment.  

A walk of remembering

The walk brought back a flood of memories but that particular morning I was walking on this street to visit my OBGYN for my annual check-up. She had recently moved into a private practice down the street from my in-laws’ old place.  Funny.  Sad. Interesting.  Coincidence?  Maybe. Thirteen years ago we, my husbands’ siblings and their families, cleaned out and sold my in-laws’ house just as I was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was when I got to know my most favorite OBGYN and favorite gynecological surgeon, and I am still working as a team today.  

Take time to celebrate your milestones - Celebrating more than ten years!

I am celebrating over Twelve  years of being cancer free, of coming a long way.  I am very grateful!  After surgery and chemotherapy in 2006, I spent a few years recovering my stamina, getting my bearings and deciding what to do with this new view of my life. Having a serious illness often makes one reflect on their life and direction.  In some ways, I am continuing in the same direction, in others, I am changing it, a little.  

I still read and write, now more than ever- but with more intention, too.  I have a Spiritual Direction certification, Coaching Certification (or two) and am working on a Supervision Certification (half-way, now, open to supervising people and teams, now).

AND YOU - Reflect on your life, as it is now

And you, you don’t have to have such a dramatic reason to reflect.  You can just take some time and think about you life, where you have been, where you are (your “red dot”), and where you want to go now.  Or tonight, if now is not a good time.  

Celebrating my – and your – “red dots”

How do you celebrate?

Part of my celebration today will be a good meal with the family, a walk with the dog and taking time to reflect on where I have been and be thankful for where I am now.

You can do that, too.  In your home, on a walk, at a special place set aside for such reflecting and celebrating.  Wherever you want.  But you should take some time and reflect on your life and examine it, your “why”, so to speak. Then celebrate on how far you have come. It will do you a lot of good, I promise.

Remember to ask yourself, “What do you (really) want”?

Have a great time doing it!

Patricia Jehle, Jehle Coaching.

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