News and Update: Introvision

Since starting supervision training I have added and enhanced my portfolio of services; everything from individual, leadership, and team supervision to more organizational development and change management. This week I can now add “Introvision”. So, besides business, start-up, expat, and leadership coaching, I can also work on OQM and change, and now these new services, too.

Unfortunately, there is no English word for Introvision, yet, but just by looking at the word itself you can see it’s a kind of way of looking at things. It is a research-based method (out of the University of Hamburg) to help people deal with stressful situations in a way that actually works.

It’s a mindful-awareness way of looking at an issue and helping the issue to lose its power over you to make you stressed out.

Interested, give me a shout!

I’ll be able to answer inquiries as of the 10th of May.

Until then, I wish you a very stress-reduced rest of the week.

Patricia Jehle