What's your News? Here's mine!

What’s new with you? It’s a new season, and soon it will be time to find my “cold weather” clothes  – Time for a check-in!

What’s new for you?

I am doing quite a few new things:

Starting a new semester teaching A fresh-up course in Business Communication and another course in Negotiations

This semester is one of the semesters where I will be trying two new practice negotiations, one of which I wrote myself.  Teaching negotiations is one of my favorite courses to teach.  The Business Communications course is refreshed from last year with new aspect to it, too.  In total I will have more than 100 new students to meet!

What about you?

I’ve recently been to quite a few interesting events

The third weekend in September I went to the EASC Coaching Congress on a VUCA World- an excellent weekend spent with colleagues from all over Europe – discussing how we can coach and be supervisors in an ever-changing world.

Last Friday  was busy with a morning at my co-working, Blau10 and they had a special day there where I was able to meet very interesting people working on the “cutting edge” of the Reformed Church in Zürich.

What’s next for you?

This week, I begin EASC Supervision training.  I now continue my journey of extending my qualifications (soon to “have it all”!) – and I am very thrilled and excitedto move upward and onward.  

How are you growing? What are you learning?

I’ve finished up a big project

My Ebook “Starting a Business in Switzerland” is about to go up on my website.  The preface will be free, so you can have a taste of “What’s to come” before you choose to buy the book.

What big project have you finished or are about to finish?  Pat yourself on the back!

But, like you, some things remain the same

I still love (and do) coaching

I had wished recently for one or two more clients and that has happened; as usual, I continue to enjoy each session and every new issue and client.

I still love learning and writing

My love of learning has been re-confirmed once again at TeenStreet this past summer - and taking an online cbt course.  I still wish one could be paid to learn; I’d earn a million!  Writing is a passion of mine, I blog (as you can see here), I am in the midst of writing two books, and now I am working on (and soon to have the first one published) case studies.  Even the few podcasts I have done have been a joy to write.

I am and will continue to be a Hygge fan

I now ask myself the kind of mindful question that a Dane may ask.  Hygge is all about coziness, but it is a very mindful way of life.  As the weather takes a colder turn again, I am happy that tonight is a night for stew, and I have to go find our candles again.

What are your passions and values and how do you live them out?

Well, that’s my news.  What’s new with you?

Patricia Jehle patricia@jehle-coaching.com www.jehle-coaching.com

Photo by Tero Vesalainen/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Tero Vesalainen/iStock / Getty Images