Happy Christmas 2018!

The time of annual Christmas letters and cards is upon us.  This year has been full and a profitable year for me and Jehle Coaching. I hope your year has also been profitable.  

Jehle Coaching

2018 has been a productive year with my coaching business.  Here are some of my recent activities- besides teaching presentation skills for another university, being a guest speaker on a podcast (QT4CM):

·      General business coaching

·      Start-up coaching (both regular and for creative businesses, and also with young adults)

·      Team coaching

·      Executive and management coaching, specifically for owners and leaders of SMEs

·      Career and job transition coaching (both at beginning and middle management levels) – including, life and career choices coaching (mostly for young people, but also for those who are making decisions after about 10-15 years of work)

·      Becoming a “better boss” coaching

·      Moving into management coaching

·      Expat coaching (intercultural transition and adjustments)

·      Coaching of people who are being sexually discriminated at work

·      Time-management coaching, including getting projects done

·      Decision-making coaching

·      Conflicts at work coaching

·      Burnout coaching

·      Coaching people with slash careers (ask if you are curious)

·     Starting a coaching business for coaches, including mentoring 

·      Continuing to assist friends who are artists and creative (this has been a pro-bono passion of mine)- not always just coaching, but also consulting

·      Masterminds (a kind of (small) group coaching for people in management)

·      Life Coaching

Looking for new clients in February/March 2019 - Supervision offering as of April

At the moment, I am full-up and cannot take any new clients.  As of the end of February 2019 some of my clients will “leave” me, so I will be able to make space and time for new clients.  Check out my website for all my services: www.jehle-coaching.com -and I look forward to hearing from a few of you (first come, first served!). As the supervision training is coming along, I will be able to offer this kind of (deeper) service as of April. Those looking for the why and patterns are sought after.

I still love teaching business communications at the FHNW

It’s amazing that I have stayed with one job so long and that means something: I love it, and my university students!  Because I change what I teach and maximise my teaching process each year, everything is new and refreshing again.  This year has been no different and I look forward to next semester (teaching negotiations), and the following school year with great anticipation.  Also I am working on getting not just one, but getting two (negotiation) case studies published.

Still writing after all these years!

I haven’t stopped and, besides the case studies I have two on-going projects (one book is almost done, hopefully up for sale on my website before Christmas! And the other is almost “there”, too)-- and I do so like writing these blogs! NOTE:  my blog will officially end at www.jehle-coachingexpat.com and move to my website as of Dec. 31st.  

Still revving up my training and qualification, too!

Supervision training and certification is now fully underway, and I continue to keep myself busy with continued learning (besides supervision training, this fall it was reading Brené Brown’s new book, Dare to Lead and doing her LinkedIn read-along and taking an online cbt course… who knows what the spring and summer hold!).

 Still reading!

I will dedicate a blog this month on books, too.


Finally, I look forward to this holiday season, where I can step back, take a breath, reflect on the good and the hard, and anticipate a great 2019 to come!  I hope you are doing the same.  What has 2018 been like for you?

Questions to think about:

·     What great thing have you accomplished? (Celebrate it!)

·     What was challenging for you this year and what did you do to overcome the challenge? (Pat yourself on the back!)

·     What did I do to help others this year- think of three things. (Thank yourself)

·     What could I have done to make this year better, either for me or for someone else? (Can it still be done? Do it!)

·     Which book that I read this year still sticks with me and why?  (Give it a re-read.)

·     On a scale of 1-10, how did I do this year?  What would made it better?

·     What will I do differently next year?  How will I know that I have accomplished it?

May you and yours be blessed this season and throughout 2018!

Patricia Jehle  patricia@jehle-coaching.com          


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